Invited composer of the Sampler Sèries 2015-16



I’m glad to announce that I’ll be the invited composer of the Contemporary Music Festival “Sampler Sèries” (L’Auditori de Barcelona). During this upcoming season, I’ll premiere my new five-channels audiovisual installation “liquid:speeches”, a new work for the Oslo Sinfonietta (for ensemble, electronics and video) and the video-creation “Mikroskop #1” within the project Moulding Bass Clarinet.

More information coming soon!


In this photo: Press conference with Santi Barguñó, Robert Brufau and Simon Steen-Andersen, 14 October 2015.


"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" had its Argentinian premiere.



On the 14th of October, Rei Nakamura performed "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


UNTREF | Auditorio de la Sede Caseros II


Conference and Concert

"Reescritura y composición con materiales heredados: cita - paráfrasis y reversión"


*Work in collaboration with illustrator Ainhoa Sarabia.

A taste of [co][hes][ion]



After two years ago of its premiere (3 May 2013), I share with you some snippets of [co][hes][ion]. This work was created in collaboration with choreographer Fabian Reimair and premiered within the English National Ballet’s ‘Choreographics – A letter to…’ project.


Premiere of disPLACE in Vienna – 1st of September

1, 5, 6, 8, 11. September 2015


WERK X IM Kabelwerk

Oswaldgasse 35A

1120 Wien


PRESS RELEASE (by Helena Tornero)


disPLACE is an opera by the young composers Raquel García-Tomás and Joan Magrané Figuera, with a libretto by the playwright Helena Tornero.


The creation is a production by the Musiktheatertage Wien Festival and Opera de Butxaca i Nova Creació de Barcelona, which commissioned the author to write a libretto about the issue of gentrification.


The request was to write two stories dealing with the same issue from two different perspectives, as each story was to be created for a different composer. The author decided to write two stories separated in time but connected by the place where they took place: a flat at the centre of Barcelona.


Gentrification is a problem affecting thousands of districts of cities all over the world, Barcelona city being one of the cases where the situation is getting worse due to real estate speculation, the Spanish mortgage laws, the social impact of the economic crisis and the contradictions caused by current tourism politics. 


disPLACE will be premiered next 1st September 2015 in Vienna at the Festival Musiktheatertage Wien and may be seen there until the 11th September. It will be staged by the director Peter Pawlik and performed by the Catalan soprano, Elena Copons, the French baritone, SébastienSoules and the musicians of the Ensemble PHACE.

Premiere of […] così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei […] in Nagoya, Japan – 6th of June

The ensemble Musica QuLacoza premiered my new string trio […] così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei […]  among other works by Mateu Malondra, Josep Maria Guix, Benet Casablancas and Miquel Oliu. I wish I could have been there! Next time for sure!


[…] così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei […] is inspired by Monteverdi's madrigal Sfogava con le stelle. This string trio responds to an organic and fluctuant impulse which transforms Monteverdi's work by stretching and distorting it. This transfiguration is not exempt of crystalline moments where the original polyphony appears as a fleeting reminiscence.


This work has been commissioned by OSIC (Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural)

World premiere of 'glitched acquisitions' at Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2015

27 April 2015 | 20h

El Hanager Theatre (Cairo, Egypt)

glitched acquitistions is a journey across a particular universe in which sound and image are explored through glitch art. Composer Raquel García-Tomás and clarinettist Víctor de la Rosa have created a multidisciplinary project in which the main feature is an improvised musical performance alongside a video, set within a larger structure where performers interact with the visual cues.

'Alice's adventures in Wonderland' in Festival Mixtur 2015

Pianist Rei Nakamura –selected artist for Mixtur Festival 2015–  is performing "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in Barcelona.

This work was composed in collaboration with illustrator Ainhoa Sarabia in 2014, specially created for Rei's project 'Movement to sound, sound to Movement' and commissioned by OSIC.



• No Studies #3 (2014) d’Alberto Bernal
• Preludes (2012) de Christian Winther Christensen
• Alice’s adventure in Wonderland (2014) de Raquel Garcia Tomàs

DIDO reloaded / go, ÆNEAS, go! • Spanish Premiere at Teatre Lliure

Spanish Premiere: 26–30 November 2014  @Teatre Lliure de Barcelona.


Music: Xavier Bonfill, Raquel García-Tomás, Joan Magrané & Octavi Rumbau

Libretto: Nahum Tate / Spin Off Collective, based on an original idea by Cristina Cordero

Video: Raquel García-Tomás

Musical direction: Francesc Prat

Stage direction: Jordi Pérez Solé (La mama)


Performers: Anna Alàs i Jové, María Hinojosa Montenegro, Joan Ribalta, Víctor de la Rosa & Cèlia Torres.


(Music of this snippet: Raquel García-Tomás & Xavier Bonfill / Video: Raquel García-Tomás)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is coming in November!

Pianist Rei Nakamura will premiere Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in November in Vitoria, Edinburgh and Karlsruhe.

This work –for piano, tape and videoanimation– has been created in collaboration with illustrator Ainhoa Sarabia.


More information about the concerts on the link.

Sculptures to be Sung at Performance • 24 October 2014

Work in collaboration with Cameron Graham after Gloria Zein's Sculptures to be Sung at




24 October 2014  /  6:00-8:00pm

RBS Galleries, 108 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3RA


More info here

stone:speeches · new audio-visual installation exhibited at Es Baluard, Palma de Mallorca. ME_MMIX Festival 2014

Here you the full video of stone:speeches, my new audio-visual work.

It was exhibited at Es Baluard Contemporary Museum (Palma de Mallorca) from 25 June until 14 July as part of ME_MMIX Festival 2014.

Singer: Maria Hinojosa

Bohème2020 • Final event – VW Gläserne Manufaktur (Dresden)

3 June 2014 · 20h · VW Gläserne Manufaktur, Dresden


Premiere of the collective work by Bohème2020.


Appearing, somehow, in this video:

Video: Chou Tung-Yen

Dance: Marita Matzk

Music: Raquel García-Tomás

Poetry: Theresa Hahl


The rest of the the team: Caroline Goulding, Carolin Wedler, Altamasch Noor and Judith Michael



Composition Masterclass at the Dresden Musikfestspiele • 27 May 2014

The 27 May I gave a Masterclass to some composition students from the Komponistenklasse Dresden, Landesgymnasium Dresden and Konservatorium Dresden.


Bohème2020 • Altana Gallerie (26 May 2014)

The 26 May we had a multidisciplinary event where all the artists of the Dresden Music Festival's project Bohème2020 could present our work and even interact between us!


My works Dido & Æneas Reloaded - PART 1 and Not Wanting to Say Anything About John where video-broadcasted on the walls of the building.


Light artist Judith Michael performed a light creation with my work [co][hes][ion]. At the very end of the night, Theresa Hahl recited one of her wonderful poems while my work Canción al Alba was sounding.


Simply magic!

Go, Æneas, Go! at the Neuköllner Oper (23, 24 & 25 May 2014)

The collective opera 'Go, Æneas, Go!' will have further performances at the Neuköllner Oper (Berlin)

23, 24 & 25 May 2014

BERLINER OPERNPREIS '14 • World premiere of Go, Æneas, Go!



The SpinOff Collective are premiering our new opera 'Go, Æneas, Go!' in Berlin.


World Premiere: 14 May 14 Russisches Haus

Further performances: 23, 24, 25, May 14 at the Neuköllner Oper



Music: Xavier Bonfill, Raquel García-Tomás & Octavi Rumbau

Libretto: Spin Off Collective, based on an original idea by Cristina Cordero

Video: Raquel García-Tomás

Musical direction: Diego Martin Etxebarria

Stage direction: Jordi Pérez Solé (La mama)

Sets: Ulrike Reinhard

Costume design: Christina Kämper

Characterization: Anne-Claire Meyer

Movement: Èlia Lopez


Æneas: Joan Ribalta

Europe: Anna Alàs

Clarinet: Christian Vogel

Cello: Cèlia Torres


(Fragment of the awarded opera 'Go, Æneas, Go!'. Music of this snippet: O. Rumbau / Video: Raquel García-Tomás)

10 March 2014 · Sensing Sounds: premiere of 間 [ma], a percussion solo work for Kengo Kuma's installation. #sensingspaces #sensingsounds @royalacademy


Performer: Ana Gasco



間 [ma] explores the idea of void, one of the most relevant concepts in Kengo Kuma’s architecture. Raquel has responded to this captivating installation by creating a work for solo castanets that reconsiders how we perceive space and proportion. Inspired by the architect’s concept weak architecture, which investigates how the human body behave to light structures, the composer has articulated her music through a multisensory experience that involves vision, memory, touch and sound.


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Jan Gerdes' performances of "Tangible" (piano & tape)

Since June 2014, when Jan Gerdes first performed “Tangible” at the ME_MMIX Festival (Palma de Mallorca), the German pianist has kept playing this work regularly.


“Ankunft: Neue Musik” – Berlin (Aug 2014) 

“Unerhörte Musik” – Berlin (Jan 2015)

"PlacaBaseConcerts" – Palma de Mallorca (Apr 2015)

“Projecte Rafel Festival” – Valencia (Oct 2015)

'Canción al alba' was performed by Funktion at Fundació Tàpies in March 2014

On 26 March 2014, FUNKTION -Lina Tur Bonet, Vera Martínez Mehner, Jonathan Brown and Erica Wise- performed my String Quartet 'Canción al Alba' within the season 'Pensaments Verticals'


Neu Records

Fundació Antoni Tàpies

TALK and ROUNDTABLE at Arts Santa Mònica: Creació en el punt de mira · CoNCA



Arts Santa Mònica


こえ、こえる、きこえる (koe, koeru, kikoeru) was premiered by BRQ in January 2014. 'Festival Japó' / L'Auditori de Barcelona.

World premiere: 26·01·14

Festival Japó | L'Auditori de Barcelona (Sala 4)


Work commissioned by L'Auditori and Barcelona Reed Quintet


A l’obra encàrrec "koe, koeru, kikoeru" -"veu", "anar més enllà" i "escoltar" respectivament-, la compositora catalana Raquel García-Tomás s'ha inspirat en sons trobats a indrets urbans del Japó que es veuen filtrats per la sonoritat inconfusible del quintet de canyes. El tractament de l'electrònica, ja sigui com a eina de manipulació de sons reals o com a mitjà per establir els elements compositius d'un món imaginat o recreat, s'integra de manera natural a les obres de García-Tomás i d’un dels seus mestres a Londres, Dai Fujikura. Continue reading...

I didn't have the common sense to stop

© Deana Kolenčíková

Click HERE (and scroll down) to listen

I didn't have the common sense to stop, a work for solo electronics inspired by Deana Kolenčíková's Man with Owl and Lucy premiered at the National Portrait Gallery (London) on December 2013.

Collaboration with Music Off Canvas as a composer/visual artist in a cross-arts workshop I'm a Title



Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall (Royal College of Music)


Guided by RCM graduates and specialists of cross-arts practice ‘Music Off Canvas’, the afternoon will start with a presentation of their work from life at the RCM to winning an MBF Emerging Excellence Award and performing at the Saatchi Gallery. Then join in an interactive workshop where you will be able to try your hand at collaborating with one of Music Off Canvas’ guest artists – a writer, dancer and composer/visual artist.

Premiering 'Dido & Æneas Reloaded' with OBNC on October 2013

'Dido & Æneas Reloaded' is a collaborative opera in which I

composed the first Act. It  was premiered in Barcelona and Madrid during October 2013.

More info here

Our opera project 'Go, Æneas, Go' awarded with the Berliner Opernpreis '14 by Neuköllner Oper and GASAG

The Spin Off Collective won the First Prize at the Berliner Opernpreis 14 on September 2013. As a result, we were commissioned to compose an opera which was premiered on May 2014 at the Neuköllner Oper in Berlin.

Performance of Wondjina at ME_MMIX Festival 2013



Wondjina was performed on the 11 August 2013 by Victor de la Rosa, member of the CrossingLines, at the ME_MMIX Festival. Here you have the video of all the concerts they did.

The video of Wondjina is already here, do have a look!



Wondjina is a multidisciplinary work that is inspired in Australian Aboriginal mythology. The Wondjina 'were rain spirits who, during the Dream Time, created or influenced the landscape and its inhabitants. When they found the place they would die, they painted their images on cave walls and entered a nearby waterhole'.  For this work, which has been written in collaboration of Víctor de la Rosa, Raquel has related the bass clarinet with the Australian didgeridoo and created a video-landscape who re-interprets the 3800 years old paintings. All together with the choreography recreates a contemporary view of tribal rites.

TALK: Sound in Contemporary Sculpture with Rob Olins at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, London

19.06.13 London RBS


'The second in our series of summer talks explores Sound in Contemporary Sculpture. 

Composers Raquel García-Tomás and Ryan Cockerham are collaborating with Rob Olins to create sound pieces in response to his work on the forecourt, InVisible.  Visual and sound artists will discuss the materiality of sound, what appealed to each about combining such different media and how it enables us to reinterpret both the sculpture and perhaps our appreciation of sound and music.'


RBS' site

Promotional video of Choreographics - A letter to...



The 3rd and the 4th of May [co][hes][ion] -the piece I have recently composed in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Fabian Reimair- will be premiere at 'The Place' by six magnificent English National Ballet dancers.

Not Wanting to Say Anything About John



Click here to go to my catalogue and watch this work in collaboration of illustrator Ainhoa Sarabia.

steel:speeches exhibited at the RBS, London

Click here to know more about my collaboration with sculptor Rob Olins during springtime 2013.

Moulding Bass Clarinet, our multidisciplinar 'solo' recital

‘Moulding Bass Clarinet’ is a multidisciplinary concert in where bass clarinettist Víctor de la Rosa, dance-artist Anne Gaëlle Thiriot, composer and sound-artist Raquel García-Tomás and film-maker Manos Cizek meet together to bring to life a choice of brand new works by emerging RCM composers.

This project, that was premiered in the Great Exhibitionists concert series the 21st June 2013, re-designs the concept of solo recital to explore a new way of experiencing creation.

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